Hey there! I'm Jess!

I'm the The Big Cheese / Maker behind Aegis Handcraft. (Yeah, that's really my title.) Thank you for visiting my shop, and supporting my work! Your endless love and support is what keeps my dream job dreamy, and I couldn't be more humbled. Here's a break down, I'd love to think of Aegis Handcraft as one big collaboration. In a way the bags I make, because of the materials I use, and how I use them, leave my workshop “unfinished,” they don’t really earn their character, their story, until I pass them on to their new owners. It’s almost like saying, “Here’s a bag I made with lots of love, now you go on and finish it. Make it your own”. So even if all the bags I make were to be identical, once they leave my shop, they all become unique. Just like you and I. (Insert inspirational music here, and finish with a mic drop. Thanks