Mystery Box

Mystery Box

As a maker, I sometimes get carried away and make a lot of goods that are samples, one of a kind, or just random. Rather than keeping them all for myself, I'm making them all available to you in the form of these mystery boxes! 

Below are the box options & the goods you'll find in them! 

  • $180- Backpack, catchall or keychain, & misprint bandana ($250+) only 3 available!
  • $100 - Tote, card pouch or keyfob or catchall, & misprint bandana ($160+ value) 
  • $60 - Tote ( $110+ value)
  • $32 - Misprint bandana & keychain or card pouch or coasters ($45+ value)

*Misprints/Misdyed/Samples: These are extra special! Perhaps a lil' oopsie with the screen printing or maybe a really uneven dye job, or maybe they were lightly loved during a photoshoot? Nothing serious, just extra special.


Ships Nov. 14