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Fabric Wax Bar


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Aegis Handcraft's Damn Good Fabric Wax is the best way to add water repellent qualities to your fabric goods.  It's hard wearing, dries soft, and easy to apply. Hand crafted in batches using the best materials I could get my hands on, this is the wax that I use on all of my Aegis Handcraft goods.  

  • Comes in 3oz bars (measures 3x2x1 inches)
  • Brush or rub on wax
  • Maintains or adds water repellency to your goods
  • Batch made in house in California
  • Local Oakland beeswax
  • Food grade paraffin 
  • Lanolin
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Soy wax

** "For shipments outside of the continental U.S: Please note that you may be charged Customs Duty once products arrive to your home country. Please consider these fees before ordering, I cannot be made responsible for these fees. Thanks!" -Jess